Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a risk-mitigating policy that you acquire from an insurance company to shield you from risks. In the same way owners of motor vehicles, property or boats take insurance policies, so should motorcycle owners.

This type of policy should be purchased by anyone who owns a motorcycle. Such a cover is important regardless of whether you ride your motorcycle on a daily basis or occasionally.


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How it works

To get started, you simply have to select the type of insurance coverage you want. Each package has different rates that you have to pay for. The higher the insurance cover, the higher your premiums will be. You will then make these payments every year. You can either pay the entire amount upfront or you can pay in a structured manner if your insurance company allows it.

If you get into an accident, you then lodge a claim with your insurer. They will then cover your costs as required by the type of cover you have.

There are several types of insurance covers available in this category:

Bodily injury and property damage:

This cover pays for any expenses arising out of injuring other people in an accident. It also covers any property damaged during the accident.

Personal injury:

This covers pays the expenses arising out of any personal injuries you may have suffered during an accident. It also pays you for any lost income suffered during the span of the injury.

Medical cover:

A medical cover pays for any treatment costs you may incur as a result of being in an accident. It also covers the medical costs of any passengers you may have if any.

Comprehensive cover:

This cover pays for a new motorcycle should yours get stolen or totaled. It also pays for parts and repairs after an accident. It also covers medical and liability costs to other people involved in an accident should be liable.

Towing and roadside assistance:

This covers pays for any roadside assistance you may need such as tire changing, windscreen repair, or towing to a garage.

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